From birth on every human being carries a unique imprint within, written in the language of life. This personal code lies at the basis of our individual self. Life is oriented towards unfolding the essence of these innate potentials.

We offer a variety of
individualized evaluations that can guide you on your personal journey towards your essence. It is your life's journey - a journey of transformation, transcending, and including the various layers of the individual self. All the evaluations are created personally for you, and offer a language that talks to your DNA to unlock the full potential of genius and consciousness that lies within you.

INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN Evaluations are personal roadmaps for the journey to your essence. They provide a personalized access to your imprint and its basic states (frequencies) for self-reflection and self-study. We use them extensively in our consultations as well.

- BASIC CHART Evaluation

- BODYGRAPH Evaluation

PRIME GIFTS Evaluation

GOLDENPATH Evaluation (Prime Gifts - Venus - Pearl Sequence)

all Evaluations (Package)

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Note: All evaluations are calculated from your date and time of birth. If you need to find your exact birth time to order your evaluation, please check
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