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• a cutting edge map for human transformation, and
• a consultation service for your personal development.

map is a synthesis and provides a perspective on specific challenges on your journey. It emerged as a sequence of contextualizations of the original Human Design System (HDS), and came to span a path from the idea of a fixed imprint through the process of personal development to the fruition of full awakening. The INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN map outlines a path of liberation, specifically for those infected with the 'HDS virus'.

consultation helps you walk this path. It focusses on tailoring your life practice to your next step of personal growth.

INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN displays in a birth chart the distinctive filters of consciousness you are born with, and guides you to live in your maximum potential. Encompassing the full spectrum of your human design way beyond the birth chart, it shows you how to give your deepest gifts in the world, and provides a map for the journey into your essence.

NTEGRALHUMANDESIGN reflects on the errors and misconceptions of the classical Human Design System, and offers a fresh perspective that corrects for them. IHD as an approach evolved – and had to evolve – to fully compensate the deficits and minimize the dangers of the HDS. In a nutshell: HDS as a system which conditions people to identify with a very limited and distorted self-concept.
IHD is the way back out of this conditioning, a journey and process of liberation. At minimum, it leaves you with a much more comprehensive, open and flexible sense of self. At maximum, it can help you transcend and include the system altogether, and open the door to living in full integration of your sense of self within awareness itself.

• find
orientation and support on your journey into the depth of your human nature
• discover a new level of
compassion for yourself and others in our humanness
• expand your
perspectives on life
• shift from a limiting to an
empowering concept of self and reality.

Walking this path, you may experience:
• the
relaxation into the being you are born to be
• the
liberation of transcending and including the imprint of your birth chart
• the
spaciousness of your possibilities to clean up, grow up, wake up and show up
• the power of your
maximum potential to live life from your core
• a
gratitude for the uniqueness of every single being, based on respect and understanding
• a deep
connectedness to all there is.

In remembering who you really are – beyond your 'default' identifications – you regain the choice, opportunity and responsibility to co-create your own evolution.