The Gene Keys are the universal codes of life, translated into a language you can understand and resonate with.
The 64 Gene Keys are the letters of the
language of life, a language which is present in the codes of the DNA and known to humanity through the I Ching.
The Gene Keys connect us to the unchanging truth of 64 archetypal and universal attributes of consciousness. Representing a code of life which is present in each of the trillions of cells in our body, each Gene Key is a portal into our inner being.

Founded upon the latest discoveries in the science of epigenetics, the central premises of the Gene Keys are that every human being has the capacity for
spontaneous evolution, and that every human being carries an innate higher purpose in life hidden within our DNA.

The Gene Keys provide you with the language and with three specific sequences to understand and unlock this great secret inside yourself.
Richard Rudd's book
'Gene Keys - Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA' is a contemporary interpretation of this language, which many call an updated version of the I Ching.
The sequences are a series of evolutionary portals and form one integrated journey, which is called the

Uniting these two aspects and more, the Gene Keys are a codebook for the newly emerging level of human consciousness. They are a remarkable holistic transmission for exploring, understanding and integrating the vast changes currently taking place across the face of our planet.

The specific contribution of the Gene Keys to
- their differentiation of three aspects of the human journey and three possible approaches to the Bodygraph: Embracing your
Shadow, Releasing your Potential and your Gifts, and Embodying your Siddhis, your transpersonal Essence,
- opening the mind to how you can
interpret the results of the HDS calculation in different ways,
- strengthening our
responsibility as to which of the possible interpretations we nurture and live out,
- their poetic
language which encompasses the poetry of life and our encourages frequency shifts to higher vibrational levels,
- its notion of the possibility for
spontaneous evolution and state shift in every human body
- the guidance for a journey through life, provided through the
Prime Gifts Activation, Venus and Pearl sequences.

While the Gene Keys language beautifully opens up three different approaches to the
BODYGRAPH mentioned above, Gene Keys language alone is not enough to fully master the Bodygraph and the re-conditioning force of the Human Design System.


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Since September 2013, Richard Rudd offers a
GOLDENPATH Program - a very accessible, self-paced, contemplative journey through the Prime Gifts Activation, Venus and Pearl Sequences.
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