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We love to support people who are truly interested in expanding their possibilities, experiencing the magnitude of their maximum potential, (re-)connecting with their essence, and relaxing into their beingness.

The key elements of our consultations are our love, and decades of experience.
Our private 
INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN Consultations empower you in your distinctive qualities and meet you gently and precisely at the growth edge of your evolutionary path.

If you look for expert and customized guidance on your journey towards your essence, we are available for consultations:
- in-person in Vienna, Austria
- on
Zoom (video conference).

Note: Based on our decades of experience of working with people, and on our long-term analysis of the errors and deficits of the original Human Design System (HDS), our take on many of its elements differs considerably from the classical HDS interpretation.

To inquire about a private consultation with Laura or Werner, or to set up an appointment, please email us.

To learn more about an
INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN Consultation listen to this short audio (4:34 min).


In the consultation, we use your BODYGRAPH and GOLDENPATH Evaluations as a point of reference. If you don’t already have your Evaluations you can order the package here

The frame and starting point for the consultation is you, not your Evaluations. We recommend that you clarify the personal life issues you want to tackle in the consultation. Then we can cross-reference the Evaluations from the perspective of your real life, instead of potentially narrowing your perspective by introducing an overlay of HD concepts beforehand.

Time frame

In our consultations we usually work with a flexible time frame of 50-120 minutes, i.e. the duration of the consultation is tailored to your needs, and we charge only the time we actually spend working.

We do not offer consultations shorter than 50 minutes. Why?
1. On the essential level, decent professional support that is respectful of your integrity as a human being requires a live dialogue and enough time to connect to your essence.
2. On the practical level there is a lot of work around the actual consultation. We need to check the time zones, communicate and confirm the appointment, create the zoom link in the correct time zone, then before the consultation pop up and look into the Evaluations, re-read the emails and notes from last time, tune in and connect, then after the session create and send the recording and pay links, etc.

The fee for a consultation is $6 per minute, and includes a downloadable mp3 recording. We calculate the exact fee from the length of the mp3 recording. Let us know if you want a video recording as well.
If you prefer to be billed in Euros let us know. The fee in Euros is €5,50 per minute.

Payment and Audio recording
After the session, we will send you
- a
payment link which allows you to pay with credit card (via Stripe) or PayPal. We appreciate if you use Stripe (lower fees). Payment for consultations is due within 3 days after the appointment.
- a link to download the
recording of your consultation (mp3 format). We record both tracks (your and my voice) with the call recorder that is integrated in Zoom.

Depending on our availabilities sometimes it is possible to arrange the appointment already on the next day. Most likely we will have time for you within ten days, but that is about the longest you might have to wait.

- Payment is due within 3 days after the appointment. You will receive the payment link within hours after the consultation via email.
- Cancellation is free of charge when you cancel via email to no later than 48 hours before the appointment. After that, a fee of $300 (ie. 50min of the 120min scheduled for your session) is charged.
- By booking an appointment you confirm your explicit consent to the GTC.

To inquire about a private consultation with Laura or Werner, or to set up an appointment, please email us. We look forward to working with you. Be well!

Laura and Werner

Latest Testimonials

Thank you for your deep insight, your understanding and your guidance. I feel you have really connected to the core of the issue. I feel seen and understood, and I think your pointers guide me straight to the next step on my path. I'm deeply grateful. - M.A.

“Werner zeroed in on the fundamental theme of my life right from the beginning of my consultation and never wavered from his guidance even though I dragged him through almost my entire chart. He was able to tie all the themes of my design together so that the fundamental challenge confronting me right now became crystal clear. As I have absorbed the reading in the following weeks I have been allowing myself to see aspects of my behavior that I have been (up to now) very cleverly hiding, even from myself. This is really freeing up energy for breakthrough in my life! He is a truly compassionate and effective guide.” - D.K., L.Ac.

“Thank you, Werner, for a very powerful session. It helped me have a better understanding of my own contribution to the challenges in our relationship.” - L.C., Author, Speaker, Coach

“Conversing with you today was eye-opening, uplifting, inspiring and magical.” - L.R.

“I’ve just listened again in its entirety to our journey through the Golden Path. Each time I listen to it, I glean new insights, discover hidden pearls of wisdom (that I swear was not there before!) and always find new potential ways of living some area of my life. Your lovingly chosen words and poetic prose that you impart always make me feel like I can do anything. Your gift in deciphering this magical path is exquisite and I am so thrilled that I found you!” - C.F.

“Thank you for the session. I have a lot to contemplate, but there is a new clarity in my being.  It was very useful.  I loved meeting you and thoroughly enjoyed your energy. Very grateful!” - A.L.

“Thank you again for an enlightening session. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I am delighted and surprised at the depth of realization attainable through the Integral Human Design process. It has opened up a whole new level of possibility and understanding. It is kind of like taking the fundamentals and valuable essence of Human Design and setting it free - which of course is setting ourselves free!” - A.R.

“Thank you so much for a powerful session back into a deep layer of the basics I had perhaps missed out in a way … I very much enjoyed our interaction and your great talent at this! I will be in touch.” - A.D.

“I appreciate your ability to connect so deeply, and I’m grateful for your ability to hold space for me as you reflected back my design and its potential.  Namaste in the truest sense, the Light within me bows to the Light within you, Werner. 
Thank you.  
As you were speaking, I felt it at a cellular level.  You reflected my design back to me in a way that allowed me access to an area within myself that I had not been able to access on my own for awhile.
I do have a vast vision about humanity, and not one that I conjured up, and I carry within me a great sense of possibility and detail, and love. It was in your recognition, and my receiving of it that has allowed something alchemical within me to take place, tears to fall again and flow.  
Thank you for helping me to allow these pieces of myself to return, or reorder.” -

“Thank you once again for the very illuminating experience of speaking with you.  It is not often that I can immediately connect with another in such a profound way.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to spending some contemplative time with the recording.” - J.T.

Thank you so much, Werner. I’m not sure exactly what I was hoping for in this session, but I know it went far beyond what I was wanting in my mind and went straight into my heart. Very grateful for your gifts. - A.A.

Thank you so much, Werner. So grateful for your wisdom, support and the grace of your presence. - J.D.

Thank you so much for the mp3 file, and much more for the wisdom and compassion with which you assisted me in clarifying the issues that I brought to the table. I was in very capable hands, and I appreciate you very much for the clarity and power that I have gained in our short and precious journey together. - A .P.

Werner, Thank you so much. That was extremely helpful on so many levels! Bless you for the work you are doing to help humanity wake up. It was delightful to talk with you. - D.K.

You are the first and only person I have come across personally, who seems to know how to share human design info in a respectful and honouring way. - J.WB.