The BODYGRAPH Evaluation is based on a calculation and a structured image of a human being, which draw upon the Human Design System, and the approach and language of the Gene Keys.

The bodygraph shows the inner workings of our current bio-form with nine Centers, which are connected through seven Streams of Consciousness. In INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN the bodygraph integrates the 64 Gene Keys into a biological display which provides an accessible synopsis. The Bodygraph greatly facilitates seeing the connectedness and interrelatedness of our archetypal human attributes and their workings in our everyday experience.

INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN works with three different bodygraphs and corresponding frequency bands of the Gene Keys - Shadow, Potential and Essence, representing the human form as a changing quantum field.

The ‘
Embracing your Shadow’ Bodygraph shows what form your potentials take when you operate out of fear, an egocentric attitude, or a low level of consciousness. It names some of the issues you might want or need to look at, work on, and integrate until you are able to transcend and include them.

The ‘
Releasing your Potential’ Bodygraph describes your potentials as they operate when mind and body are relaxed, in a sociocentric attitude and seeking out wider and higher stages of consciousness while embracing and enfolding the lower. It draws an image of your personal Self at its best.

The ‘
Embodying your Essence’ Bodygraph refers to your same potentials when you live in an integrated stage, a worldcentric attitude, motivated by unconditional love and oriented through choiceless awareness. It pictures a state of transcendence where the personal Self is surrendered in the flow of life and in service of higher purposes.

Between these three options lies a whole spectrum of available developmental steps that are more fully described in Spiral Dynamics and the Integral Approach.