The Integral Approach provides an emerging world view - an open-ended evolutionary spiral and a very comprehensive map that integrates all dimensions and perspectives of consciousness. Integral theory, brought into the world by Ken Wilber, Don Beck and many others, is an all-inclusive framework that draws on the key insights of the world’s greatest knowledge traditions. Integral theory attempts to draw together as many different approaches to truth as possible and integrate them in a unified framework. The awareness gained from including a wealth of truths and perspectives allows the Integral thinker to bring new depth, clarity and compassion to every level of human endeavor — from unlocking individual potential to finding new approaches to global-scale problems.

Integral sometimes simplifies these different truths into a few options we all have as human beings: Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, Opening Up, and Showing Up.

Its specific contribution to
- its clear and precise notion of
developmental levels that arise from our evolutionary impulse and are valid both in individual and collective evolution all over the planet.
- its comprehensiveness as a
meta map needed to find orientation in the vast and multi-dimensional realms of human experience and human potential, and providing the kind of frame necessary to create a new synthesis.

The Integral Approach uses the
AQAL matrix - an integral map, or integral ‘operating system‘ (iOS) of our consciousness. AQAL means 'All Quadrants All Levels', helps us to apprehend how we can locate and fit together single experiences, theories and systems in an overall picture, and comprises six elements:

- Quadrants of Apprehension

- Levels of Development
- Lines of Development
- States of Consciousness
- Types of Human Beings
- Self System of Integration.

In the AQAL matrix INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN contributes mainly to the differentiation of Types and Self System. While we experience the world through different perspectives and evolve in different areas of our genius (Lines) to certain Levels, Type is what remains unchanged during our development. In the AQAL model, Type usually refers to relatively simple and general distinctions like masculine/feminine, the 9 Enneagram categories, or C.G. Jung's archetypes.

Drawing on the Human Design matrix,
INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN can display and describe the Type of each human being with striking accuracy and differentiation. We are no longer limited to a few basic types (categories), but are able to describe many millions of Types of Human Beings - each one unique like a fingerprint.

The Integral Approach greatly helps to contextualize the information available from both
BODYGRAPH and GOLDENPATH, and it opens multiple pathways and dimensions of orientation on the human journey. Yet it still is a theory and a map, a re-presentation of the miraculous life we are presencing and encountering every moment.