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IntegralHumanDesign Discovery Session
Introductory Webinar with Richard Rudd and Werner Pitzal  •  Duration: 1h 42min

NOTE: The Discovery webinar is no longer for sale. The webinar plus the transcript are available for FREE when you sign up here.
This webinar by Richard Rudd (author of the book 'Gene Keys - Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA') and Werner Pitzal introduces and distils some of the key concepts of INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN

Visually stunning, multi-dimensional and yet elegantly simple, it will give you an inspirational view of this profound new approach to understanding yourself, others and consciousness itself. 
The webinar takes you through various aspects of 
INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN in the form of a journey through the four Quadrants of the Integral Approach. On this journey, you will get to see how IntegralHumanDesign
  • • is an all-embracing approach that will guide you and stay with you throughout your evolutionary journey until you have reached the point of transcendence.
  • • will empower you through creating a shift in your inner and outer environment.
  • • as a practical and precise map educates you in the holographic dimensions of your own evolution. 
  • • is an accessible process that invites you to explore your shadow patterns and your higher potentials through the mirror of your relationships.
  • • is about embracing the fullness of your multi-dimensional Self, in order to ignite your own incandescence.
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The GeneKeys in 9 Centers of the Bodygraph

Webinar with Werner Pitzal • Duration: 1h 33min

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The Gene Keys are a universal code, molded into transformative language. They are alive in every single cell of our body, constantly in-forming our human form, our human design. (Note for people with a background in Human Design: These webinars offer a fresh perspective which takes the original Human Design System to a whole new level.)
In INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN the Gene Keys are displayed in a Bodygraph – a structured image of a human being which shows the inner workings of our current bio-form. The purpose of
INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN is to guide you to the best possible expression of your unique potential.
This webinar will introduce you to the Bodygraph with its 9 Centers. The overview provided on the entirety of the Gene Keys will greatly help you access the transformative power of the Gene Keys and embody the essence of your full potential.
The Bodygraph integrates all the 64 Gene Keys into a biological display which provides an 
accessible synopsis of all the Gene Keys. The Bodygraph greatly facilitates seeing the connectedness and interrelatedness of the Gene Keys and their workings in our everyday experience.
The Bodygraph represents each one of the 64 Gene Keys as a tangible reality inside our body. Its central purpose is to support the process of embodiment, to journey deeply into your physicality. This can trigger biochemical shifts within you and quicken the evolutionary process in your life.
The Bodygraph is a 
visual map of all human potentials - and represents the human form as a changing quantum field. It operates across many dimensions - the individual, the relationship, the family, the community and all humanity. It is empowering, educational, inspiring and fun to work with as a map.
The 64 Gene Keys are a universal code which re-connects you to your true nature and to the language and frequency bands of our evolutionary journey. At the same time they are related to 9 distinct 
human focal points in our body functioning and subtle energies, which are represented in the 9 Centers.
Understanding the Gene Keys in connection with these Centers opens the inner space to experience the Keys directly and profoundly - which is the basis for real and 
sustainable transformation.
On a conceptual level the webinar adds more depth of comprehension of the Gene Keys, and helps to ground your practical work with the Gene Keys.

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The GeneKeys in 7 Streams of Consciousness

Webinar with Werner Pitzal • Duration: 1h 37min

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The 7 Streams of Consciousness are the next dimension to explore in going deeper with the Gene Keys. The Bodygraph aligns all the 64 Gene Keys in 7 Streams of Consciousness. These Streams contain the dimensions of our humanity as well as the storyline of individual and collective human evolution. They are series of Gene Keys, which share the same overall theme and energy dynamics, become visible in the various Streams of Consciousness.
The webinar will introduce you to the main themes and dynamics of the 7 streams, and relate them to integral life practices you can easily adopt to deepen the direct experience of the various Gene Keys in your daily life.
It will add a layer of understanding to the Gene Keys, which opens the door to seeing the journey of evolution embedded in our human form.
From an integral perspective it will also point to how every Gene Key is rooted in one of the 4 basic drives – agency, communion, eros and agape.

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The personal set of GeneKeys

Webinar with Werner Pitzal • Duration: 1h 49min

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With the Gene Keys being understood as facets of the whole, individuality - the level of the personal - can be explored in a fruitful way.
Through the correlation between the Gene Keys and the zodiac, each date of birth can be translated into a personal set of Gene Keys which describes a 
specific imprint and allows for our unique journey.
This webinar will show the transition from the bodygraph as a general layer of information about the Gene Keys to a 
personalized map for the journey to your essence. Most importantly it addresses the question of how the personal relevance of a unique set of Gene Keys can best be understood. It speaks to the core themes of self, identity, and type, as well as the challenges of fixation, identification, and transformation, in order to arrive at the most expansive personal use of the Gene Keys.
The webinar gives access to where the sequences of the Golden Path - the Prime Gifts, the Venus Sequence and the Pearl - emerge from.

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Interview Transcript

Transcript of the OWorldProject Interview with Werner Pitzal

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Professional transcript of the unscripted 96 minutes OWorldProject Interview with Werner Pitzal about IntegralHumanDesign. The transcript has time stamps as well as corrections for bloopers and transposed digits – eg. Werner's introduction to the Human Design System was in 1998, not in 1989!
Instant pdf download.
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