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INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN is a living synthesis of many approaches.

key elements are Human Design and the Gene Keys, the Integral Approach, and Neuroscience.

Each of these elements is already a synthesis in itself and provides a wealth of information.

INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN condenses these elements again, distills down the very essence of their findings and weaves them into a bigger picture of humanity.

The key notion in this picture is the mutual interplay of awareness and form. Our design conditions and regulates the possibilities of our consciousness, and at the same time our consciousness determines through our perception and attitude how our design is expressed.

INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN started as a combination of Gene Keys and Human Design, but has evolved far beyond that.

INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN emerges from a life long curiosity and inquiry into the human condition. This new and radically inclusive synthesis is the result of nearly 40 years of our professional experience in working with people and supporting them on their evolutionary path.

INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN draws a big picture, it is just a perspective we developed and are still developing, and does not claim to be complete or the ultimate truth.