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Gene Keys - Personal Set

Q: Where do I find my Personal Set of Gene Keys?

A: Your Personal Set of Gene Keys is available through the BASIC CHART Evaluation and the BODYGRAPH Evaluation.
In the
BASIC CHART, you find your set of Gene Keys displayed in a Bodygraph, with the keynotes for the Gift frequency.
In the full
BODYGRAPH Evaluation, you find all 3 Bodygraphs with your Personal Set of Gene Keys in the Shadow, Gift and Siddhi frequencies, plus a lot more personalized info.
You can get your Personal Set of Gene Keys

Free Chart service

Q: Where do I find the Free Chart service?

A: In the last decade, we sent out tens of thousands of free birth charts. As there is no software to create the beautiful Bodygraphs we like to work with, we drew them all up by hand and in person for you. Each Free Chart took us about 10-15 minutes to create and process. Frankly, it was sometimes overwhelming to handle the request. Therefore the Free Chart service is no longer available. You can still order these introductory Evaluations here for a small fee - they are called BASIC CHART now. We will use the time we freed up to serve more people by offering webinars and courses that make your life’s possibilities more accessible for you. Stay tuned by signing up here :)

Personal Advice

Q: How can I get personal advice?

Please understand that we cannot give you any personal advice without being in contact with you personally. We never talk about you, we always talk with you. In our understanding, decent professional advice that is respectful of your integrity as a human being requires a live dialogue in real time. If you ask for personalized advice, it most likely requires an answer that can only be found in the professional context of a consultation.
To get our personal advice which takes up your question from the perspective of IntegralHumanDesign, and takes your life situation into account, you are welcome to book a consultation here.
We ask for your understanding that we only do open ended consultations of 50-120 min. There is a lot of work around the actual consultation - check the time zones, communicate and confirm the appointment, create the zoom link in the correct time zone, then before the session pop up the charts, re-read the emails and notes from last time, tune in and connect, then after the session create and send the recording and pay links, etc.


Q: Why don't you offer readings?

A: Our consultations are always one-on-one conversations in real time – in person, or on Zoom video conference.

We never do ‘readings‘ on CD. A reading without your participation is based on the assumption that there is a fixed set of information about the imprint, which can be delivered to you like an audio book. In our experience this is not the case, even though it is a widespread belief in the Human Design System.

If you think you understand anything about a person just from their chart, I’m afraid you still believe a chart depicts something static. It doesn’t, and its elements can play out in a myriad of different ways. The only way to make sense of a chart is to be in direct contact with the person and to explore together which of the many possible interpretations of the database are valid at this particular moment of life’s evolutionary movement. 

In other words: The bodygraph and all the information contained in a Human Design calculation are best understood as a changing quantum field. Depending on your level of development, the frequency you currently vibrate on, and your current perspective, the imprint takes on a certain meaning. We can only access this meaning in resonance with you personally, when we meet you exactly where you are now.

We are happy to ‘take you through your chart‘ and focus on the basics, or travel all the way to non-dual realms of awakening with you. Just like the reading of our genetic imprint in our cells is a highly interactive process determined by perception,
INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN consultations are highly interactive conversations, always designed to help you express the highest possible level and quality of your imprint. 


Q: How is Integral Human Design similar and/or differs from Human Design?

A: IntegralHumanDesign is different from the Human Design System in most respects. The only things that are exactly the same are the calculation, and the basic structure of the bodygraph.
Talking about differences, most importantly IntegralHumanDesign uses a completely revised language based on the GeneKeys, and it includes a notion of growth and development, expressed through three bodygraphs (shadow - potential - essence level).
In other words, the Human Design System views and describes your imprint more or less as fixed traits, and the language used often describes more the shadow aspect. IntegralHumanDesign sees your imprint as a starting point for your personal evolution, and offers you a three-dimensional display of the bodygraph, as well as the GeneKeys GoldenPath Sequences, to support your journey to a wider, deeper and fuller expression of your potentials.

So a few of the key differences are:
- Classical HD tells people how they are born to be based on a tiny fraction of their (genetic) imprint. A much broader understanding of human nature is necessary to do justice to the complexities of a human being.
- No imprint is fixed. A key feature of our human brain is
- The Bodygraph is not only map of some elements of your uniqueness, but also needs to be seen as a map of limitations.
- Differentiation - the focus of classical HDS - is central only in a certain phase of human development. When people move on to later stages of development and their respective needs for integration and change of perspective, the focus on differentiation becomes a hindrance.

You find a lot of hints about these differences on our website, especially on the Snythesis pages, the FAQ page, and the examples of our Evaluations.
When you
sign(ed) up on our website, you receive(d) a link to my OWorldProject interview - a lot of answers to your question there too.


Q: Why, when and how did you re-name all the elements of the Human Design System ?

A: I have worked full time with people as a coach and psychotherapist since 1984. When I got to know Human Design in 1998, I was fascinated by the striking accuracy of how certain themes were described. I began to use Human Design charts in sessions, and saw a lot of correlations between the personal process of my clients and their design. I saw that their design was always a good and reliable source of information, yet the way their imprint played out was very different, depending on their level of consciousness.

Nurtured by my personal and professional experience, and my knowledge about the malleability of the human brain my preference always was to see human beings as capable of learning, growing and transforming, rather than fixed and without choice. My experience has confirmed many many times that people can change how they live out their design. As I was familiar with the Integral Approach, it was a logical progression to describe the imprint (design) within the well-researched spectrum of consciousness and the stages of development (integral spiral). The three levels of the GeneKeys represent the focus of the three tiers in the spiral, and correspond nicely and precisely with the beautiful work of Richard Rudd and his description of the Gene Keys.

Over the years my wife Laura, Richard and I worked through all the elements of the Human Design System, and named them in the three frequency bands of the GeneKeys, to facilitate a tangible resonance with your imprint in its shadow, potential and essence frequency. 

Strategy and Authority

Q: From the viewpoint of IHD, how you look at Strategy and Authority? Is this as important as it is in Human Design?

A: Generally speaking, INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN supports your connection to your life code through embodiment rather than strategy.

1) Strategy & Authority in the Human Design System (HDS) are
oversimplifications, like the HDS Types. In HDS, Ra had put out the mantra 'Follow your strategy & honor your authority' as the one and only thing that could make your life work ;-). At least, that is how most people took it. And yes we all would like if it were that simple, but it isn't.
A few years ago Ra said in one of his advanced courses something along the lines of 'Strategy and Authority is just for dummies.' I assume he was frustrated for a long time that people obviously did not get his whole message. Mostly everybody we knew in HD became too mental with this mantra. I can understand his frustration, he was a brilliant man.
In INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN (IHD) we look at a person as an ever-changing miracle with many, many layers and aspects that need to be felt and seen, but cannot be simplified. There is no simpler version of you, there is just you - exactly the way you are. The bodygraphs can show us a pattern that underlies life in a particular person, and we can support this person to grasp the essence of the pattern and relate to it, dive into it, embody it fully. Everybody's 'strategy' is totally unique, and it cannot be read from the general Type, it needs to be intuited/comprehended from
everything that we see in the IHD evaluations.

2) HDS Strategy & Authority are based on
definition and the premise that what is defined in the Bodygraph is what describes this person's individuality.
In IHD we understand a human being differently. We know that we are all approx. 99,9% open, whether our centers are white or colored in, whether we have no definition, or seven or nine defined channels. In IHD we use a totally different image of humanity. We transcend and include the HD assumption that you can grasp the essence of a person by just looking at their imprint. We know that this imprint is very important, but it describes only 0,1% of their humanness.

3) HDS Strategy & Authority are mental concepts to
tell you how to live your life. Maybe Ra tapped into the old guru trap of self-aggrandizement when he started to categorize people and prescribe these formulas.
IHD is about self-empowerment. It is about feeling into the pattern that you are - with the help of words and bodygraphs. IHD respects that nothing but your inherent consistency, your harmonious embodiment can tell you how to live your life - moment by moment.

4) HDS Strategy is an idea that tries to bring you closer to being the type of person that you already are. That means, it assumes a
split between subject and object that it then tries to 'mend'.
If you are connected to your own life code you do not need strategy. You just
are this particular life code, you let life flow through you, and you let yourself flow as life - which is the very same thing. What happens then is what Richard Rudd once called the automatic activation of Type. You cannot be another type of person than the one you are.
If you are disconnected from your own life code then strategy does not help - because it usually increases the separation between you (the subject that tries to follow a strategy) and the object/body that the strategy is applied to. This separation was the 'problem' in the first place.

5) In HDS the purpose of strategy is to
uphold your individuality and differentiation against the pressure of conditioning.
This puts a heavy emphasis on differentiation over connectedness, and in my experience it usually carries an underlying message that life is still 'me against the rest of the world‘. In situations of fight or flight this might be a reality, but I don‘t think it is an approach that can help to meet the challenges the world is facing now. From the perspective of the Integral Approach, learning to stabilize and protect one‘s individuality is an early and necessary step in evolution that binds and focusses a lot of consciousness on survival. Once differentiation is established, we usually move on. What is the purpose of an HDS strategy then?

6) HDS Authority assumes that
only one dimension of perception should be referred to in order to make a decision as the 'true self'. Which dimension of perception that is again is determined by what is defined in the bodygraph - see above. This is a devaluation of all the other intelligences and resources a person has available to them.
IHD values all aspects of a human being as potentially relevant in decision making. In any case, body intelligence (emotional + value intelligence, i.e. emotion + intuition centers) plus cognitive intelligence (mind) need to be included. After all, every human being has intuitions, feelings, responses, orientations, reflective thoughts etc., when it comes to decision making. The whole point in IHD is to use the bodygraph to see the polarity of these intelligences, to see which of the centers are receptive (taking in information) and which ones are defined (processing the information), and how they all work together as inner authority in a very specific way.

Rave I Ching

Q: Does INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN work with the Rave I Ching?

A: There are 3 aspects to the Human Design System:

1) HD - the
revelation of the matrix of the Human Design - Calculation, Bodygraph, Crystals, layers of information (Hexagrams, Lines, Colors, Tones, Bases)
2) HDS - the
interpretation of the HD by Ra Uru Hu in the Human Design System - Rave I Ching, Types, Strategies, Authority, ...
3) Jovian Archive, IHDS, and country organisation - the
business organisations who market and sell the Human Design System

The HD has been drawn from a matrix, which so far and to our knowledge has been visited by two people: Ra Uru Hu, who brought back the HD revelation with the BODYGRAPH, and Richard Rudd, who brought back the GeneKeys and the GOLDENPATH.

INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN works with both the BODYGRAPH and the GOLDENPATH. For the BODYGRAPH, we only refer to the HD, the 
revelation of the matrix of the Human Design, but not to the HDS - the interpretation of the HD by Ra Uru Hu in the form of the Human Design System. Why? The interpretation has a lot to do with Ra’s personal views. We feel it lacks a perspective of growth, and it contains a few central assumptions which are incongruent with what we learned about the inner workings of human beings in the 3 decades of professional experience. The assumptions we found incongruent have to do with central questions like self/not-self, open/defined, conscious/unconscious, duality/polarity, translation/transformation, binary consciousness, etc.

The Rave I Ching, which is the translation of the language of life and the basis for interpreting the bodygraph in the Human Design System, was written by Ra around 1990 when he saw everybody as ‘not-self’. He explicitly stated that the Rave I Ching is a book for the Not-Self, the conditioned and homogenized self. Yet, the Rave I Ching is used as the basis for understanding the Rave Chart in the Human Design System. 

In INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN, we use the GeneKeys, instead of the Rave I Ching, as a translation of the grid of the 64 hexagrams, the 64 letters of the language of life. The GeneKeys, published by Richard Rudd in 2009, see a human being as capable and responsible to co-create their own evolution, and comprise a Spectrum of Consciousness which lays out how the language of life is expressed in different frequency bands and states of consciousness. What you then get to see in the BODYGRAPH is very different from what you get to see when you use and display the Rave I Ching. In INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN, the BODYGRAPH is a changing quantum field, which displays the language of life in 3 frequency bands - Shadow, Potential, and Essence.

The Human Design System is the first interpretation of the Human Design. It displays the mechanics of the Maya (illusion), it is 'maia mechanics imaging'. The goal of the Human Design System is to set you on a path to being different by providing you a menu that tells you how to live your life. 

INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN takes Human Design to another level. It displays the dimensions of being human, with an emphasis on the inborn anchor points of your identity, and portals of your personal journey. 
The goal of INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN is to support people in acknowledging their uniqueness in a way that empowers them to co-create their own unfoldment and participate in the evolution of consciousness.

I Ching Hexagrams

Q: Why do the interpretations of the hexagrams and lines differ so much from the original I Jing?

A: Te meaning of the hexagrams and lines has shifted a lot - for 2 reasons:

1. The vantage point for their interpretation of the hexagrams and lines in IntegralHumanDesign is the network of the Bodygraph (which is a more anthropomorphic context).

2. Human Design is a synthesis, with the I Jing being one important aspect. IntegralHumanDesign is another synthesis and contains Human Design as one important element.

Form and Function

Q: The Human Design System is already very rich and complex. Why integrate it with another comprehensive approach like Integral?

A: The Human Design System is a dualistic approach which describes the mechanics of the Maya. If Design is the leading principle and perspective in our understanding of the world, then everything is reduced to mechanical interplay, and every occurrence is projected onto the mechanical plane.

Design is only one aspect in the miracle of life. Design represents the form, the form principle. Form governs function, but form also follows function. Design can show us how structure (form) governs function, and Integral shows us how it follows function. The function of life is not visible in Design. The function of life is emergence and growth, and Integral describes how emergence reshapes the form in the course of evolution.


Q: If I am on a path of awakening but do not follow the PHS diet, is this an obstacle for the process?

A: Absolutely not! The vast majority of people who have awakened never heard of PHS, and still could open their mind to the vast expanse.

We only use the PHS information peripherally. Firstly, PHS indicates only one specific aspect of diet, and there are many more aspects to a good diet that are relevant and often much more important. Secondly, you need a rather precise time of birth to be sure your PHS information is correct, and many people cannot guarantee this level of accuracy in their time of birth.


Q: What is the 'astrology' behind the IntegralHumanDesign Evaluations?

A: The 'astrology' behind the Evaluations is the standard Human Design calculation. It uses the date and time of birth to calculate the positions of the planets like in any astrological calculation. It also deduces a second calculation from the first one, which is based on the moment when the position of the Sun was exactly 88 degrees back in time. Both sets of astrological positions are then translated into the corresponding hexagrams with their substructures (lines, colors, tones, bases), which form the basis of all the Evaluations.

Tropical / Sidereal

Q: Do you also offer sidereal charts?
A: No we don't. The Human Design System calculation works only with the tropical system. This is how HDS was brought into the world by the Voice and Ra Uru Hu. HDS focusses on the relationship between the sun and the earth, on how Design crystal bundles play a crucial role in this life on earth, and refers to the specific influence of the planets of our solar system on the neutrino ocean.
The sidereal system refers to the influence of stars from billions of lights years away, which is a fundamentally different perspective. You can of course skip the whole basis of the HDS calculation and use just the translation of planetary positions into the Bodygraph for a "sidereal chart". Just be aware that this might be taking eclecticism a bit too far.
Everybody is free to choose among the many available systems and maps to reflect on their human nature, their personality traits and their imprinted and learned fixations. A Sidereal Human Design chart is an interesting experiment for those who are into making up their own maps, and show how much of a mental construct such maps are anyway.
In the end it is crucial how you interpret the Bodygraph, regardless of the activations displayed. Whether you use a tropical HDS calculation or any other way to draw up your Bodygraph, it is essential to view it as a map of limitations and as an evolving quantum field.

Precise TOB

Q: Can you provide BODYGRAPH and GOLDENPATH Evaluations without an accurate time of birth (TOB)?

A: The calculation can only be based on the time of birth provided. Without a precise TOB, accuracy may be limited - yet hardly anybody has access to their precise TOB. The question is whether you are insecure within a range of eg. 5 minutes, or within a range of eg. 5 hours. The bigger the window of time, the more likely there will be relevant changes in the constellation of the planets during this time.

Some people contact vedic astrologers, who have most experience and the best tools for finding the ‘right’ TOB with hindsight. 

Our clients usually find the ‘rightness’ through resonance. They go with the TOB they have, and sense when something is off.

Did you already have a Human Design / astrology chart drawn up with your TOB?

If yes, and if you resonated with the outcome, we might work with this TOB as well. 
If not, we could check how the planets change around your assumed TOB. This would mean to talk it through with you in a consultation on skype, to see which constellation you resonate with the most. But of course we cannot provide any accuracy through this approach - just the best fit.

Conscious / Unconscious

Q: Why and how are the black numbers conscious (personality), and the red ones unconscious (design)?

A: The idea of 'conscious and unconscious numbers' is one of the insupportable beliefs that Ra included in the Human Design System. After we explored over more than a decade how conscious people are about the red and black aspects of their imprint, we no longer share this view.
Consciousness - or rather a certain level of consciousness - is not part of the imprint. Consciousness is what we develop from the imprint.

Open / Defined Centers

Q: Do the open centers without any activation have the ability to not allow conditioning in? I have a completely open emotional center, and I feel like I can block out emotions, but I'm not sure how it works.

A: Openness or Definition do not determine whether you are conditioned or not. They merely indicate two different ways how conditioning can and will affect you. Conditioning is a fact, and it affects all centers in different ways. 
Regardless of whether a center is open or defined, there are two main reasons why conditioning might not have a strong effect: either you operate on are a high level of awareness, and/or you have a high level of resistance/resilience.
When a center is completely open, and you are strongly identified with your Definitions (as suggested by standard HDS), you might tend to interact less with the environment through this open center, and thus experience less conditioning. 
Emotional conditioning is yet another story. The ability to block out emotions can be rooted e.g. in overwhelming emotional experiences in your personal history that have not been fully integrated.

Sleeping alone

Q: Since we started sleeping separately our relationship changed to the worse. Is sleeping separately really beneficial for couples?

A: Sleeping alone is a weird idea when you love each other, and if you do, you will very likely lose some of your energetic connection. 
We dont, unless we have a need for privacy or if one would disturb the other e.g. when I need to get up early. Sometimes sleeping alone gives you a more centering and grounding sleep, and when we need that then we go for it. 
The traditional HD System (HDS) is a dualistic system where everything is known by its contrast with something else. It holds an idea of individualisation that reminds me of old Darwinian ideas - 'everyone against everyone else', and 'survival of the fittest'. 'Sleep alone in the night, then you will increase your contrast to everybody else (=differentiation) and win the fight against conditioning during the day' ;-)
Furthermore, the traditional HDS holds the idea that being conditioned by neutrinos in your bed alone is more clean or healthy than being conditioned by the aura of your beloved. 
We dont believe in any of this. In our understanding individuality is an aspect of being human that does not need isolation to unfold, but rather needs to be held in love and seen and acknowledged and empowered. 


Q: Does a Composite chart shed light on my relationship?

A: We do not offer relationship compatibility charts (Composites) any more, except for rare occasions.
In our many years of experience in working with people we found that what is displayed in these charts distracts from the real issues in the relationship.
We are committed to only use the elements from HD that work, and we discard those that don’t work or are erroneous.
If you want to bring light in the core issues of a relationship, we are happy to set up a consultation with you.

Composites / Relationship Analysis

Q: Do you offer Relationship Analysis?

A: We did romantic relationship pairings based on IHD for a while. In practice, we found two things:
1. Conjoined Bodygraphs potentiate the errors and deficits of the original HD System.
2. Idiosyncrasies like attachment style, personality twists due to traumatic experiences, style of power struggle in dealing with unmet needs, etc. have a much greater influence on relationship dynamics than the imprint depicted in IHD. The reason is that these idiosyncrasies are imprinted with high emotional charge, and tend to dominate brain functions and overrule other dynamics as long as they operate unconsciously and/or lack integration.
We realized that it is misleading for people to address IHD's inter-relational dynamics before they worked through their idiosyncrasies sufficiently. In our experience, most people in relationship didn’t. Therefore these days we only do composites on rare occasions - with couples who are competent in navigating the emotionally intense strata of their connectedness.
And yes, we do offer Relationship coaching, where we mainly use our expertise as couple therapists and relationship builders to help you work through the real issues of the relationship.

Human Design

Q: I wonder if you have had your training in the Human Design System, and if your further development also has to do with HD?

A: Oh yes, sure, I think we have this on our website - see http://www.integralhumandesign.net/team/ and http://www.integralhumandesign.net/faq.

Both Laura and I had our HDS training mostly with Ra Uru Hu, and we both became HDS Analysts and HDS Teachers. We both worked as HDS Analysts and HDS Teachers for a number of years, until around 2006 the limitations in the Human Design System became evident. 

We then created IntegralHumanDesign - a synthesis of HD, the GeneKeys and the Integral Approach - see 

HD is the predecessor of IntegralHumanDesign. We still use the calculation and the basic structure of the bodygraph, yet we came to see that really all the elements of the imprint can be lived out in very different ways, depending on our level of consciousness. Consequently, we offer a spectrum of possibilities as how to relate to each element of the imprint, rather than limiting interpretation to a single attribute.

Our consultations are always in-person, because this is the only way we can appropriately respond to the level of consciousness in our clients, and truly help them to make sense of the complex and multi-layered information derived from the HD calculation. 


Q: When you talk about consiousness, do you mean awareness of oneself, knowledge, insight and understanding of who you are beneath the surface?

A: Big question. Consciousness is all there is, we live in an ocean of awareness/love, and we are part of it. One aspect of consciousness is our awareness of ourselves, which eventually results in us forming ideas about who we are. These ideas about the 'Self' are often limiting our connection with the ocean of awareness/love we all come from. Truly seeing the personal imprint in the bodygraph as the mechanics of the maia is a great way to understand how this works. 

Integral Tiers

Q: Do the 3 Integral Tiers correspond to Shadow, Gift and Siddhi?

Do you consider the Shadow band of the Gene Keys and Integral Human Design to correspond roughly to 1st Tier, the Gift to 2nd Tier, and the Siddhi to 3rd Tier of the Integral Approach?

A: No, the Tiers in the Integral Approach are categories of Stages of development, while Shadow, Gift and Shiddhi represent States of consciousness that are accessible from all stages of development.


Q: How was the relationship/correlation made between the hexagrams and the zodiac?

A: The hexagram wheel can be found in Hua-Ching Ni's book 'I Ching - The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth' on page 15. The book is available in English since 1983.
Ra said the voice told him about the correlation between the hexagram wheel and the zodiac. Hexagram 1 starts at 13,25° Scorpio (223,25°).


Q: How do I make a purchase? Do I need a coupon code?

To make a purchase in the IntegralHumanDesign Shop, follow the instructions there.
If you use the old shopping cart, you find detailed instructions
You don’t need a coupon code.

Your prices are in Euro. How to I find out how much they are in my currency?

A: You can always check the current exchange rate on the web, e.g. with this Currency Converter:

I don't want to sign up to PayPal. How do I purchase your products?

A: You can purchase all of our products with credit card. Choose the Credit Card option during checkout. In case you check out and still land on the PayPal payment page, PayPal allows you to pay without signing up for an account with them: On the payment page is an option to pay by Credit Card without signing up.

The screen font is too small. How can I change my text size?

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Gene Keys

Q: What are the Gene Keys?
A: The Gene Keys are a universal inner language whose central purpose is to awaken you to your highest purpose in life. The Gene Keys are founded upon the premise that your higher purpose exists as a code embedded within your physical DNA. The role of the Gene Keys is to unlock and activate that code and release your full creative genius into the world.
Q: Where do the Gene Keys come from? 
A: The Gene Keys consist of 64 universal archetypes that underpin the very fabric of our universe. They form the holographic matrix of space-time itself. As such, the Gene Keys represent the transmission of a living wisdom that is hidden everywhere within the universe. Many other cultures and systems have discovered the same eightfold geometry of the 64 underlying all creation. In their current form, the Gene Keys were developed by their founder Richard Rudd.
Q: How do the Gene Keys work?
A: As a universal language, the Gene Keys are imbibed directly into one’s life through a process of ongoing contemplation. As you contemplate the Gene Keys, physically, emotionally and mentally, they begin to raise the frequency of your DNA. This occurs through a dimensional shift in our attitude as we enter into a deeper acceptance of our true boundless nature.
Q: How will the Gene Keys benefit me?
A: The Gene Keys allow you to enter an intense period of transformation in your life, the end result of which is a state of profound relaxation within your inner being. This new inner sense of ease has a beneficial and freeing effect on every aspect of your life, from your health to your relationships to your prosperity.
Q: Why are the Gene Keys important in a time like this?
A: The Gene Keys are an accessible wisdom that is available to everyone. Because they do not depend upon an external set of teachings or teacher, they are simple, affordable and can be tailored to your own lifestyle. At this time of intense world change and uncertainty, the Gene Keys are a new world teaching designed to awaken humanity to its higher nature. Even more than this, their vision is to bring together a high frequency community of people around the globe and form a living collective network of creative genius.
Q: How do the Gene Keys relate to the Human Design System?
A: Even though both approaches are inspired by the same matrix of the 64, they are very different. The Gene Keys are a living transmission of wisdom that lies inside you. Unlike Human Design they are not a profiling system with fixed strategies for how to live your life. Human Design is a logical, mental system that operates within a fixed set of parameters. The Gene Keys are a series of transformational experiential pathways that lead to higher states of consciousness. Instead of being based on certainty, the Gene Keys invite you to embrace the uncertainty of existence and that of your own boundless inner nature.
Q: How is IntegralHumanDesign one of the 12 approaches in the Gene Keys Synthesis?
A: From Richard Rudd’s perspective, IntegralHumanDesign is one of the 12 approaches in the Gene Keys Synthesis, because he refers to IntegralHumanDesign mainly as an approach where the Gene Keys are being included in the Bodygraph. For his purposes, he does not see a need include the integral frame and the neuroscience into the picture.
From our perspective, the Gene Keys are one of the aspects of IntegralHumanDesign, as they provide the human language through which we can work with the biological language of our imprint. In IntegralHumanDesign we deliberately omit esoteric knowledge. We want to keep it accessible to as many people as possible, and our work is focused on practical solutions in your real life right now.

Q: What does Richard Rudd mean when he says the Gene Keys are a transmission?
A: The Gene Keys are a transmission whose deepest wisdom lies beyond words. They are a universal wisdom embedded within the structure of human DNA, waiting to be activated and unlocked. Once a cellular recognition of the Gene Keys takes place within you, the transmission begins to work inside you, transforming your life through an ongoing process of understanding, self-forgiveness and insight.
Q: What is a Hologenetic Profile?
A: The Hologenetic Profile is a multi-dimensional map that allows us to generate personalised pathways (sequences) that relate to different transformational journeys through the Gene Keys. We require the time, date and place of your birth in order to create your individual Hologenetic Profile. Your Profile is one of the primary tools for deep contemplation on your own life. It allows you to understand and embody fully the universal patterns and archetypes that govern your life story.
Q: What is the Golden Path?
A: The Golden Path refers to the three major sequences of Gene Keys that can be used to unlock your individual higher purpose in life. Consisting of the Activation Sequence (discovering your genius), the Venus Sequence (opening your heart) and the Pearl Sequence (releasing your prosperity), the Golden Path takes you on a life-changing voyage of transformation through the physical, emotional and mental realms respectively. The end result of this journey is that you attain a state of profound inner stability, permanent open heartedness and mental clarity that is the foundation of all higher consciousness. Although the Golden Path may take several years it allows you to enter into an ongoing contemplation of the Gene Keys in your own life. It also takes place within your daily life rather than outside it and connects you profoundly into the Gene Keys community and all the support and friendship that comes with it.
Q: What are the Prime Gifts?
A: The Prime Gifts are the four Gene Keys that relate to your creative genius in life. Calculated from the position of the sun when you were born, they form the foundation of your Hologenetic Profile. Knowing your Prime Gifts and their challenges and potentials can really open up your life to a higher dimension in which your life purpose becomes much clearer to you.
Q: What is the Venus Sequence?
A: Forming the core of the Golden Path, the Venus Sequence is the master emotional sequence within your Hologenetic Profile. Calculated from the time, date and place of your birth, it shows you the many layers of emotional patterns that are imprinted in you as you move from childhood to adulthood. Your Venus Sequence not only explains the reasons behind all your relationship patterns, it also allows you to transform them into their higher frequencies, thus revealing their hidden higher purpose. The Venus Sequence is a tender and profound experiential journey explored individually and in small groups. It takes a minimum of six months to complete and its final goal is the permanent opening of one’s heart.
Q: What is the Pearl Sequence?
A: The Pearl Sequence is the third and final aspect of the Golden Path. It is an experiential journey into the holographic nature of the universal mind. This sequence opens up a pathway inside you that allows you to understand and embody the true principles of philanthropy, the secret of all true prosperity. The Pearl Sequence allows you to access a higher frequency of thinking that creates great efficiency in all aspects of your life. It also opens you up to a whole new understanding of what prosperity really means, thus transforming your relationship to the dynamic flow of all energy (including money) in your life.
Q: Where can I learn more?
A: You can find more information about the GeneKeys and the Golden Path Program here

Gene Keys and Bodygraph

Q: Does the Bodygraph add greater depth and insight to the Gene Keys?

A: Yes the Bodygraph gives you a kind of context for all the Gene Keys - they ‘Iive’ and operate in specific centers, they have specific ‘neighbors’, etc. The Bodygraph gives you more of a human understanding of how the Gene Keys work within your body.

Spectrum of Consciousness

Q: Why are there more Gene Keys in my Spectrum of Consciousness than in my Golden Path Sequences?

A: Your Spectrum of Consciousness (in the appendix of your GOLDENPATH Evaluation) refers to all the 26 Gene Keys of your BODYGRAPH.
The BODYGRAPH uses the original Human Design database and calculation. The GOLDENPATH extracts from this database and calculation the Gene Keys relevant to your Activation, Venus and Pearl Sequences.
Please refer to our
examples for a first impression of BODYGRAPH Evaluations.

Golden Path, Golden Path Program and GOLDENPATH Evaluation

Q: I signed up for the GeneKeys Golden Path Program. Do I still need your GOLDENPATH Evaluation?

A: The Gene Keys Golden Path is a general sequence of steps to guide contemplation of human purpose, healing and prosperity.

The Golden Path Program is a very accessible, self-led contemplative journey through your Prime Gifts Activation, Venus and Pearl Sequence, with the intention to guide you to an increased awareness of who you really are. You can order it through
Richard Rudd's website.
The GOLDENPATH Evaluation is a personalized display of these steps with lots of keynotes and hints to support your contemplation of your personal purpose, healing process and prosperous self-expression.The GOLDENPATH Evaluation is complementary to Richard's program, as it gives you a clear and simple overview of your personal Activation, Venus and Pearl Sequences. We recommend to combine it with the program for easy reference and a wider perspective.  

You find an example of our GOLDENPATH Evaluation
here. You can order it here.

Data Security

Q: How do you handle my data (DOB, etc.) ?

A: Y
our personal data is stored on only one desktop computer, and backed up on a local hard disk. 
We never store your personal data in the cloud, nor do we pass it on to anyone under any circumstances. 
Your email address is securely processed through our email service providers (AWeber, MailChimp), and of course we never share your email with anyone.
We value privacy as much as you do. 


Q: How can I donate to IntegralHumanDesign?

A: Thank you for considering to support our work. You can send a donation through PayPal, credit or debit card directly here.


Q: How do I become a Certified IntegralHumanDesign practitioner?

A: Integral Human Design is a comprehensive anthropological framework and work approach. The focus of IHD is to allow you to interpret the HDS Bodygraph in a way that does justice to the complexity of human nature and differentiation. We are not focused on training people, simply because we do not have the necessary time resources to provide the quality of training that is needed here.

There is no certification in Integral Human Design, and ‘IntegralHumanDesign guide / practitioner’ is not a title that anyone can bear. Any kind of certification requires a hierarchy, and at least one person in a position of power who judges you. We have no interest whatsoever in hierarchy, judgement, or power. We are here to alleviate suffering, and to contribute to the evolution of consciousness. We trust that the people we train operate on a high level self-responsibility and self-reflection, and will only work with others according to their true competencies.

When you have familiarized yourself with the IHD approach, and have fully understood the limitations, errors and dangers of the original HDS, you are welcome to use the term ‘Integral Human Design’. The only condition is that you always link it to our website. Our preference is that you use phrases like ‘Inspired by Integral Human Design -
http://www.integralhumandesign.net’, and abstain from combining the term ‘Integral Human Design’ with any job title.

Even though at present we do not offer a full training in IHD, we are happy to support your personal and professional development.
Options to study with us are currently
- private mentoring and online
consultations (Zoom)
- personal sessions in Vienna (Austria)

We are working on providing more webinars online in the near future, and we hope that these webinars eventually will comprise a whole Integral Human Design curriculum. This will take quite a while though, as we are busy doing consultations most of the time.

Affiliate Program

Q: Do you have an Affiliate Program?

A: Yes, we do :)
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