The GOLDENPATH Evaluation is based on the sacred geometry of the Gene Keys‘ Hologenetic Profile developed by Richard Rudd, and offers guidance through a series of individual evolutionary portals.

Each one of us is born with a unique sacred geometry embedded deeply within our being. This geometry can be plotted through the precise timing and placement of your birth in the constantly shifting universe. This same pattern is also holographically encoded in your DNA, forming a distinct personal profile of genetic sequences, each of which awakens a different aspect of your life and your genius. This is your Hologenetic Profile, the original blueprint that tells us the gifts that you bring, how you operate, and above all the mystery of your mission.

GOLDENPATH is a threefold journey:

Activation Sequence: Discovering Your Genius
The four Prime Gifts are the cornerstones, the themes and the challenges of your global role in this lifetime. The path through your Prime Gifts grounds you deeply in yourself and in the physical reality of your body. It is a path that weaves these cornerstones together in their interdependency, interrelatedness and integration. It supports you to fully embody your life's Purpose and to find not only fulfilment and a sense of purpose in this life, but to be deeply grounded in Core Stability in this embodiment.

Venus Sequence: Opening Your Heart into Connectedness
The Venus Sequence is the path of courageous emotional opening and connecting in the relational space. It is a journey of expanding your heart through aligning with your attractor field and releasing your defence patterns. The cascade of this path supports you to let go of the pain of separation, to fully open as love, and to feel into and connect with your Core Vocation.

Pearl Sequence: Releasing Your Prosperity in Authentic Contribution
The Pearl is the state or stage of genuine exchange with the universe, of giving and receiving your deepest gifts in synchronicity with the greater whole. This third path guides you to a deep understanding of how you offer your Core Contribution. It supports the growth of our ability to resonate with the abundant flow of life and to truly be of service in the world.