Your PRIMEGIFTS Evaluation
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Your four Prime Gifts are your Life’s Work, your Evolution, your Radiance and your Purpose. Taken together, the four Prime Gifts capture the essence of your inner and outer life, and form the
Activation Sequence of your GOLDENPATH.

Many people experience their Prime Gifts as the cornerstones and central themes of their global role in this lifetime.

In your personal Activation Sequence, the Life’s Work and the Evolution describe what you come to master externally, while the Radiance and Purpose are the hidden rewards that emerge as you fully embrace and cope with the former.

You can see an example of a celebrity PRIMEGIFTS Evaluation here

You can order your personal PRIMEGIFTS Evaluation (your personal Activation Sequence, with a concise description of each of your Prime Gifts) for US $ 17 here

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Note: The GOLDENPATH Evaluation contains the full PRIMEGIFTS Evaluation.

You can order
Richard Rudd's Activation Sequence Program - a self-paced, contemplative journey which guides you through your Prime Gifts Activation - here.

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