INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN Training – a series of online courses online – is open for everyone.

INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN is extremely helpful for anyone who works with people, from all types of therapists, to educators, to physicians, to managers. With comprehensive knowledge and wisdom it has the possibility to encourage the greatest potential for each individual to evolve.
The training adds a completely unique dimension to your life and your work with clients, and offers an exceptional grasp of human nature for you.

Online training in english through downloadable webinars is currently available


We are excited to let you know that IntegralHumanDesign is transforming.
In these last months of preparation for more training courses, we noticed our perspectives are changing again, and shifting to a
completely new level of integration. We expressed some key elements of this new integration in our webinars, and we are still in the process of crystallizing these shifts into a new form.

In addition, more than ever we see the elements in the Human Design matrix that are misleading, or even wrong. According to our standard of ethics, we only want to teach what we can fully adhere to, and what is
truly helpful for you.

We want to give ourselves the time and space needed to let the new form emerge. Our plan is to be back as soon as possible with the next level of synthesis and integration. Whenever this process is complete, we will release new courses.

In the meantime, we are thinking of
blog posts, podcasts and/or small online meetings to share with you, and to provide opportunities for you to participate in what is unfolding.

Tapping into the full potential of this creative time, we need your help to know about your special interests you would like us to cover in these blogs and podcasts, and to tailor our services specifically to your needs. We kindly ask you to contribute to our survey through signing up
here and submitting your questions.