Discovery Series with Werner Pitzal and Richard Rudd (2009)


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This video series by Richard Rudd (author of the book 'Gene Keys - Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA') and Werner Pitzal introduces and distils some of the key concepts of INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN.

The series was recorded in 2009, when audio quality in online conferences was still poor. Sorry about that. Since then, our understanding has deepened a lot, but the series is still a very valuable entry point.

Visually stunning, multi-dimensional and yet elegantly simple, it will give you an inspirational view of this profound new approach to understanding yourself, others and consciousness itself.
The series takes you through various aspects of INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN in the form of a journey through the four Quadrants of the Integral Approach. On this journey, you will get to see how INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN

• is an all-embracing approach that will guide you and stay with you throughout your
evolutionary journey until you have reached the point of transcendence.
• will empower you through creating a
shift in your inner and outer environment.
• as a practical and precise
map educates you in the holographic dimensions of your own evolution.
• is an
accessible process that invites you to explore your shadow patterns and your higher potentials through the mirror of your relationships.
• is about embracing the
fullness of your multi-dimensional Self, in order to ignite your own incandescence.