The Gene Keys are most likely a self-help program. How about IHD?

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This audio answers the question: The Gene Keys are most likely a self-help program. How about IHD?

Yes the Gene Keys are a self-help program. To be precise, the Gene Keys Golden Path is a self-help program. The 64 Gene Keys themselves are the language of life in poetic language, and the archetypes of consciousness.
IHD can be used as a self-help program, and we are going to release more and more material that will allow you use it in that way.
IHD is also a possibility to get help. In IHD we offer consultations, which means we are here to work for you as a guide, so that it's easier for you to make good sense of your map, to know where you are, and to clarify where you want to go. A IHD consultation with us also means to have somebody at your side who has walked the various parts of this journey, and has 30+ years of experience of working with people.
So IHD is both - a self-help program, and a consultation service, if you're up for having an experienced guide on your journey.

I want to clarify one more thing here. As a self-help program IHD gives you inspirational information on how you are generically designed as a human being, and how are you are uniquely designed as this wonderful person that you are.
In our experience, when you want to really grow and evolve, any information on your design is just a starting point. Information that you learn on your own through getting involved with any self-help program is a good preparation for finding your true orientation in life. The key step then is embodiment, which means to fully realize the growth step. And the key process to support your embodiment is dialogue. Therefore, we not only offer information, but we also offer consultations.

In IHD, dialogue is really the core approach to your personal development. Why? Because as a human being you are hardwired for connection, your brain is designed to operate in fruitful interaction with other human beings. That's how you really have the best chance to fully open up, and to find your way into living at your maximum potential in this lifetime.

The IHD approach puts you as a person in the foreground, and has the systems in the background to guide your inquiry, and in case of a consultation to help us focus our dialogue precisely on your desire, your need, your central question in life.

Take care!

With love,
Laura and Werner