Bio Laura

My professional path started with my interest in teaching. After high school, I went to academy to learn how to teach, and to university to study how we learn.
Since then, I have followed my passion for personal growth and awakening, which has led me to a variety of deep experiences and exceptional people.

In 1993, I discovered the Human Design System through Ra Uru Hu, and at that time it was the perfect fit for me. Completely committed, I took all the trainings with Ra for analysing charts and teaching Human Design. I believed it was a helpful tool for awakening, dove into it deeply, and worked with it all over the planet. Over the years, I realized that the Human Design System is a combination of ringing truths, but also false assumptions. Eventually in 2000 I reached the limits of this system for me.

Over time Werner and I have sorted out what works and what doesn’t work, and we have integrated different perspectives that are very useful in working with people. Slowly a body of knowledge has taken form, which we now call Integral Human Design.

In 2004, I was inspired by the Venus Sequence and its accompanying sequences, which I learned from Richard Rudd. To me, the Venus Sequence is the core of this whole journey to our essence, as it makes the path to awakening practical for us, and is so powerful for people's evolution.

Werner and I continue to explore human nature to support people to re-awaken to their true selves.