Bio Werner

Psychotherapist • Body therapist • Human Design Coach and Trainer • born 1959 in Vienna • father of three children.

Regular occupation: freelance therapist with a personally owned office since 1984 • Teaching therapist and supervisor for body centered psychotherapy since 1989 • 1993 Foundation of the Vienna Institute for Body Centered Psychotherapy • Occupation in the socio-psychiatric-clinical field 1994-95 • 2001 Foundation of the INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN Institute, which is involved in the development of the INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN Synthesis, offers coaching and training programs.

Certified Postural Integrator (GPI) since 1984 • Certified Radix body psychotherapist (by the ERA, the European Radix Association) since 1986 • teaching therapist, trainer and supervisor in the European Radix Training 1989-1994 • Advanced trainings in Systemic Family Therapy (ÖAGG) 1996-1999, in Systemic Constellation work (SYST) 1998-2001 • Advanced trainings in Human Design System (IHDS) since 1997, Human Design analyst for personality- and partnership-analyses since 1999, internationally certified Human Design System Trainer since 2001 • Advanced trainings in Integrative Gestalt therapy, Analytic body centered psychotherapy, Cranio-sacral therapy, Core Contact, Points & Positions Training with Will Davis (European Reichian School - Institute of Functional Analysis), Life Trainings with Paul Lowe, on-going Relationship Builder Training (Tikkun) with Hedy and Yumi Schleifer since 2003.

European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP), included in the European Register of Psychotherapists. Member of the Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy (ÖBVP). - Werner's Psychotherapy • Couple Therapy • Coaching website (german + english)